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You can purchase a product by purchasing any one from the home page or by clicking on the shop page. When you have done this, search for the product category or the product itself. You may also decide to shop directly from your preferred seller through their store URL.

When you register as a Seller, Naijamainmarket automatically sends you a password via email. if you are not satisfied with the password or feel it is not secure enough, you may chose to change the password from the settings on your dashboard by login in with the password sent to you via email.

This could happen if your account has been suspended or permanently disabled. It may also be as a result of incorrect password inserted by you. Please contact customer support for help and more information.

This is as a result of failure to Verify your Identity. Before uploading any product on Naijamainmarket, you must Very your Identity  by providing the required Information.

Currently we accept Paypal payments, Credit/Debit cards. Bitcoin. You can also make paymets with your Payoneer card.

As a seller, you need to have  a Paypal account to receive money from Naijamainmarket. You can also receive your money through Bank transfer, or through your payoneer account.

If a seller fails to deliver the product ordered by a buyer within 10 days, the money will automatically be returned back to the buyer. Except in the case of a mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Yes. A gift card bought from Naijamainmarket can be used to  shop from any seller at any time.

If a customer uses a gift card to purchase a product from your store, the money will display in your account

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 (Ten thousand naira).

The withdrawal threshold after meeting the minimum amount is 5 (Five) days

To become a seller, click on my account and register as a vendor. We advice that you read and accept our terms and conditions before proceeding to become a vendor.

Naijaminmarket does not offer you customers. You can advertise your store in whatever way you chose. However, random customers on Naijaminmarket may chose to buy from you.

Immediately after purchasing a downloadable product, you get the link to download the product. You can have access to this in your downloads.

You can cancel your account by contacting customer support. Please note that there are procedures to follow. Read our terms of service for more information.

We do not provide shipping services or inventories. Each seller provides their own shipping method.

Naijamainmarket gives the store owner total control of the store. You may decide to involve third parties in the management of your store at your own risk. Naijamainmarket will not be held responsible for whatever results from such an action. However, Naijamainmarket only recognizes the person who verifies the  store with the required information as the rightful owner of the store.

Yes. You can choose multiple store categories

You can go to the order tracking page, insert the email and the order tracking number given to you by the seller.

If your account is permanently disabled, you can contact customer care to get your money. Please note that there are terms and conditions to follow.

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