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Naija main market is here to help you take charge of your business. We help you take your stand in the world of e-commerce by giving you the power you need to stand out.With this secure platform, you are in charge!

Our service is top-notch. We are ready to serve you, no mater your needs, we are ready to satisfy.

Naija main mark powers several businesses

Naija main market powers several businesses in Nigeria. It has helped many small scale businesses to grow large scale. With this powerful platform all you need is to bring your business and Naija main market will take it to the best level.

Our Story

We discovered that Naija does not have an e-commerce store that gives their sellers total charge of their store and puts them first. .We were also very concerned about the interest of the sellers in Nigeria, that is what led us to create Naija main market. Naija main market is here for you. Naija main market is a national scale platform that gives it’s sellers the needed control to be successful. It offers you wider coverage and better features in a bid to help your grow.

Our Passion

Going through Facebook and Instagram, we saw how Nigerians are struggling  to sell their products. Some do make sales and some do not  because most  buyers are not on their Facebook groups. Others post do not get approved by the admin and others have to pay to advertise on Facebook groups which do not favor young sellers. Selling on international platforms is not an option because of the selling cost that are quite exorbitant for the young sellers. Other platforms do not allow sellers from Nigeria.

This pain and desire of how to help Nigerian sellers has led us to to create Naija main market which is an e-commerce website that has all the amazing features of the international platforms and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Nigerian sellers do better in their business. We  achieve this by making businesses more flexible for our sellers and offering them the chance of creating a business that suits their financial capacity. To make you comfortable, we aspire to offer you the best of discount prices.

No matter your needs, we are sure to efficiently deliver.